Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Polina Himura

Forgive the poor quality of this sketch, I didn't have much time between my bfs birthday, grading, and teaching my class. (Not that this is an excuse) I'll do better on the next topic. (and maybe come back in and revise my face and hands LOL)

Anyways I've always been a fan of kenshin, I like kimono, and I used to do kendo.. so I felt it was fitting.. ^.^


  1. Wooo! Flowy! I love how solid the pose is! I'm so happy you joined us, Polina! =D

  2. I still think it's really nice! :> You used to do kendo? I'm so jealous!

  3. If our interested I know there's a good dojo in Irvine. I want to go back but my bf thinks its a bad idea with my bad knees and I have such little time (which is whats really preventing me).